It is good.

My husband is showering....I'm sitting here at the laptop, nibbling on lindt raspberry truffles and sipping a bit of sparkling white wine, trying to figure out how to manage our drive back to South Carolina, and plotting a half-day trip to Richmond. It's been a good week for us. Choosing to come to the Chesapeake Bay was brilliant- I don't have *one* home, I triangulate home from a number of places I need to go fairly often - the Pea Patch (my mother's family's farm in CO), Shawnee, OK (where my dad's parents, and my grandfather's parents are buried), Belize, and MD. It's an ever-changing list, but it works. And the sight, sound, and feel of the Bay is always greatly soothing to my soul. It's been a time of rest for us, so terribly needed (The morning after our wedding, I woke in the wee hours, and couldn't get back to sleep thanks to the mess moving and the wedding created in our apartment. At 4AM I crawled out of bed and started cleaning compulsively. By 8:30 AM I was crying from exhaustion). I'm not entirely sure how we'll manage to piece the chaos together at home, but it will be done.
There's more to be said...about the wedding, about family and expectations, perhaps about Crown Royal whiskey...but for now, we're going to collect our thoughts and things and head back towards our own little place, to move on quietly with our lives together.


Emily said…
Lots of smiles. I love you, friend. Many blessings on your marriage. Enjoy the sweetness of these days. Don't sweat the chaos of moving, unpacking. It will get done. Enjoy the moments! (Sounds like you are :)

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