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It happened again. Someone (this time a priest) looked at me and said "Tell me about your journey to Anglicanism."

Seeing as my father's a Southern Baptist minister and I'm Anglo-Catholic, there should be a good story here.But I just rambled along for a couple minutes talking about books and people until finally just saying "It was kind of an organic process."

I had to look up organic when I got home to see if it was the right word (though, being a carbon-based life form, everything I do is organic). I was right.

So how did this relatively complex, natural growth process come about?

My parents were evangelical missionaries in Peru. The Roman Catholic church in South America in the 90s was a mess (I'm sure in general it still is, but haven't personally experienced this). It's entangled with government and the wealthy highest crust of society. In order to make the transition smoother, the Roman Catholic saints were superimposed over ancient Inca deit…


There's a cold snap tonight, and South Carolina feels like Maryland's not too far away. That distance is weighing on me at the moment, and there's a tiny Anglican church meeting in a former one-room school house that's calling me home.

I've finished a week of classes at a state university that is roughly 38 times the size of the small, Christian liberal arts college where I did my undergrad degree. I've suddenly hopped disciplines as well- no longer a biology student/research lab technician, I'm a student of public health (Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, specifically). In some ways it's been a difficult transition- training myself to plan an extra hour into my day in order to find a parking spot and make it to class, adjusting to the "warm fuzzy" approach of social science professors. At times, it's been delightful, that deep breath as one meanders across a campus 200 years old in places, with much respect for trees. After Co…