Two things

1) NOTHING sets my blood boiling like people who state in passing that emergency contraceptives and IUDs are abortifaceants. Medically, biologically, a pregnancy is defined as beginning when a fertilized egg has attached to the uterine lining. If you're going to disagree with the medical community's working definition, the burden is on you to explain why. And if your explanation is "fertilized eggs have souls" my next question will be whether you think all women of reproductive age should have their menstrual cycles monitored, to be sure that all fertilized eggs have the absolute best chance of implanting, because that seems like the next reasonable step to me. Followed by causing women to take pregnancy tests daily, so we can monitor and investigate extremely early miscarriages. Because otherwise, I'm not so sure that you're serious about sticking up for fertilized eggs.

2) I'm officially off my maintenance meds. Took the last pill Sunday (Feb 12) According to the dosage my doctor wants me to take, I should have run out on January 12th....I figured my better bet was to keep some Asacol in my system as long as possible. And now I'm out...(and, at $660 a refill, I'm going to be out until my new coverage year starts in August). It's been two days. So far- it's wonderful. I feel like a balloon that's just escaped from a child's hand, a kite that's been loosed from its string.  There are no reminders that I have a serious condition. I have this irrational desire to claim that my doctor doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. I suppose they call this denial.

My joints are aching a little more than they have been. It's probably just the cold weather. I'm nervous, but here we go.


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