Had a productive meeting with adviser last week She found me money to finish up my Belize project well, and to provide support/make connections for service-learning projects both in a class that she's teaching and a course that's being taught by another professor, who I don't know personally, but would like to (she's brilliant, works on amazing topics, and is incredibly personable and confident/outspoken, particularly given that she's a young PhD and a minority. But I guess if you're brilliant, self-assurance eventually follows?). Adviser is also discouraging me from teaching until I'm done with classes, because it's such a timesink. Absolutely valid, though I have a feeling I'll find myself adjuncting summers when I'm not taking classes (and probably some when I am - need to eat).  Also good conversation about how the areas I focused my masters' work on are productive, growing, and there's interest in them (which is important for me graduating and being able to eat later). However, right now, my major reaction is "I'm going to get paid to work on my own projects! I might actually be able to make progress!"

Got an email from my adviser...she seems to get that I want to continue working with my master's adviser, and I'm not sure whether she's trying to hint that Brilliant Young Professor should be one of my other committee members....we'll see how we fit. Need to have this settled by the end of this year, so good to be thinking about.

We signed a lease on a new place yesterday. Plan is for me to move in on the 1st (yep. That's next week). Apparently there was a lot of interest in this place, and I think the main reason the property management company went with us was because we'll be in and paying rent before anyone else interested would be. And J. has rented from them for 3+ years. It's a great place...close to campus, nice windows, GREAT neighborhood (we'll be less than two blocks from a stunning stone Presbyterian church), close enough to where we live now that we'll still go to the same grocery store, enough space for us to have a combination study/guest bedroom, and there's a washer&dryer, so we'll actually be able to do laundry in our own home. Amazing. (And rent is going to be noticeably less than our current combined rents on separate apartments).

Meeting with church organist tonight, hopefully to finish hashing out wedding ceremony music. He's been decidedly difficult. Or maybe we're being decidedly difficult, because we have Protestant Evangelical Bible Belt families and backgrounds, and because we're really not interested in having a mini- Royal Wedding, much as that's every Anglican church organist's dream, I'm sure. I probably should not say too much else about the wedding til it's over...would hate to jinx my current faint optimism.

Source for current faint wedding optimism, oddly enough, is the Orthodox wedding we attended Sunday. It was a couple of friends of ours, who attend the Anglican student ministry on campus. And it was adorable. Like, the wedding party wasn't quite ready, so a priest jumped in to give a homily while the guests waited. It was a relatively small building for the number of guests, so it was hot and crowded, and the standing for nearly 1.5 hours (remember: wedding was running 15 minutes late) was a little tough, but it was great. Lovely, and meaningful, and it was obvious that in spite of the fact that the bride's father is an Orthodox priest, many of the guests didn't have an Orthodox background (the priest who gave the last-minute homily offered to give explanations to anyone who might need one. He said his 2nd language was Southern Baptist). And even given the relatively large difference in marriage theology between the East and West, there was a lot that was familiar, and lovely, and the obviously non-Orthodox guests seemed to appreciate it. So maybe...that's just  how weddings are?

Or, on the other hand, I could be completely wrong, and one of our guests, upon entering the church might announce quite loudly "Why is their Jesus still on the cross? Don't they know He rose from the dead?" We shall see.


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