Ash Wednesday

Here we are again- Lent.
I've come back from church and I'm sitting here with my peanutbutter sandwich and purple toenails (yes, liturgical nailpainting is kind of a creepy idea, but it seemed worth trying).
Last week I was en route to the grocery store and there was an interview with a local writer (who's name I can't remember) on the radio, and he was talking about how more people observe Lent now, but they observe it less strictly, emphasizing "reflection" and "stillness" rather than actual disciplines.
In typical "me" fashion- it made me angry, and I'm reacting with a very strict Lent. Yet it seems to be what I need.

Lent is my favorite of all the seasons. The waiting and preparation seasons (Advent, Lent) resonate more with me-partly because the world is waiting and preparing for Christ's return, for the ultimate fufilment of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and partly because life requires a lot of waiting and preparation and I'm not good at it. Lent and Advent help me focus- Lent especially points me towards the Cross and the Resurrection. It is the reminder that there is Life, Beauty, Meaning.

The midterms, the papers, the presentations are not ends in themselves. Like fasting, they are to help me build a foundation, to grow. It's not necessarily an easy or fun process. But it is good, and worthwhile. And the waiting will not last forever.


Anneli M. said…
I like the idea of bringing liturgy into the small place of life, even just by painting your toenails. I don't have any purple nailpolish but I just might go get some, you inspired me. It is not as daring as the ash on the forehead, but it would still be a daily reminder. Have you ever read any Kathleen Norris? I heard her new book Acedia and Me is good, and I was just wondering if you had read it, and if you had what you thought.

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