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So basically....

I am a complete failure in life and have done everything wrong. If my spouse dies or leaves me I will find myself starving under a bridge, since I'm completely unemployable.
How did that happen?

1) I got married.
2) I chose my doctoral program in part based on my desire to live with my spouse the first year we were married.
3) I developed an expensive and debilitating chronic illness, and spent time and money recovering (instead of dying, which really would have been the far more reasonable choice).
4) The faculty member who was my initial adviser left the university, forcing me to choose a committee chair with limited experience with my dissertation topic and methods, and who doesn't have contacts in the areas I work in.
5) My spouse got a job halfway across the country, and I decided that 12 months of long-distance marriage was enough, and I would live with him while during the writing stages of dissertation work.

And there you have it. The death-knell of a promising career in p…