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Little cat is fine.

So, since last time...little Sage has a congenital heart defect. His mitral valve flaps are too long. But he has great heart function,and may never have problems with this. I'm typing one-handed right now...he's sleeping in my lap with his two right paws thrown over my left arm, like it's a teddy bear. And as soon as I managed that sentence, he released my hand and let it go. He's still here, belly up, head tucked under my ribcage, the epitome of trust and innocence. I'm constantly amazed at how his fluffy sweetness seems to sooth parts of my heart that I didn't even realize were hurting. It's funny...part of why I wanted a cat was for a trial run at keeping another creature alive, before deciding whether or not to be a parent. But the things that are most endearing about little Sage are the things that are least child-like. His fluffy soft fur and pink nose and funny white whiskers. The way he snuggles under my elbow while I'm typing papers, his ni…