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About A Severed Wasp

I've been re-reading A Severed Wasp in small chunks around studying for my qualifying exam. I love Madeleine L'Engle, so much. I know she's been accused of being pompous and unrelatable, and maybe what draws me to her, and her work is those same unlikeable traits in myself.  But why am I apologizing for my taste in literature on my own blog?

It's very possible that A Severed Wasp is the only one of L'engle's adult fiction novels that I've read-I tend to take long soaks in her nonfiction, and her young adult novels.  Not too long ago, I discovered that it was the sequel to A Small Rain, which I'll likely pick up in the future. And I was intrigued to find that Suzy Davidson in A Severed Wasp was once Suzy Austin, who I rather liked (possibly because I find Vicky Austin to be the absolute most irritating character of L'engle's that I've ever encountered).

One of the things that draws me in is the Cathedral setting, with its musicians, priests, …

Things NOT to say to someone with Crohn's, part II

(Because mocking wellmeaning people on the internet is better punching them in the face)

1)"Well, at least you're thin. That's so stylish"
WTF? Not even going to comment on that.

2) Not a statement, but seriously the WORST gift imaginable for someone with Crohn's: Wraparound Pants. Yes. Do you even want to imagine how that's going to work out when I'm running to the bathroom 10x a day?

3) "I read this book about someone who cured himself from Crohn's, using diet and natural remedies. He's not undergoing any medical treatment- you should check it out." I strongly respect everyone's right to make decisions about their own treatment. However, consistent medication use is linked to lower rates of colon cancer (and, since 1 in 5 Crohn's patients develop colon cancer, that's a big deal). Crohn's is a disease that can look radically different from one person to another- I happen to have a great GI, who specializes in inflammator…


I'm sitting at my desk, hands clenched around a mug of rooibos tea, trying desperately to make my heart stop racing. One month from today I'll be in the middle of my doctoral qualifying exam, and right now I really want to strangle Pierre Bourdieu. I'd rather do anything than study....and, after trying to work out how to pay for next semester's tuition, I'm inclined to run away screaming.
I won't.
I'll take a deep breath, brew another cup of tea, and brace myself.

Because the green paint on my office wall is the same color as the shirt I'm wearing today...because the paper lanterns from my wedding are dangling overhead....because the woman who's the closest thing I've got  to a parent is just a few doors down the hall, and she believes in me....because my officemate is working on her dissertation a few feet away, proof that this can be conquered.
This too shall pass. And I will breathe, and write about social capital.