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When the bubble shatters

I think many of us start life in a bubble- protected by the love of our family and friends, seeing nothing but wonder and beauty in this world.  I always picture this bubble a sort of rainbow glass shield, encompassing grassy fields, flowers, oceans, sunsets and puppies, and laughing children. The bubble is warm, safe, peaceful, and happy, but what I remember most about it is the moment it shattered.

It was one of the first afternoons in February, 1996, sunny and glorious, like many afternoons in Arequipa. I was just lately eleven, playing in the back yard with our doberman, when my sister came running out to tell me  there had been an accident. A car accident late at night, on a winding mountain road with our family's best friends. Details flowed in slowly...desperately needed, and terrifying. Uncle Wade and Marcus were comatose, and not expected to survive. Aunt Nancy and Marcus were being airlifted to the States, Josh's injuries were minor. A horrible hush set in as we crie…