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One of those days....

Deadlines collided this morning, which left me with two papers to write....which led to me getting 3.5 hours of sleep. I bribed myself to leave the house with the promise of oatmeal at a favorite coffeeshop, and made it to class about 15 minutes late. Met with a research participant, met with my boss, brainstormed ideas for FINDING more participants, shuttled+walked home, dropped some stuff off at post office, currently prepping for a guest lecture tomorrow.

Somewhere in the sleep deprived state, it clicked: I'm grateful. Grateful to be a research study coordinator- this is a pretty small study, but I'm good at this and it excites me. Grateful that I can teach, and I love it. Today I got to talk about ovulation, cervical fluid, and sperm....tomorrow I get to lecture about infant mortality. Three writing projects are in various degrees of progress right now- one about fighting HIV/AIDS through promoting gender equitable beliefs, one about promoting low-technology cervical cance…

Greg Mortenson, Take 3

As this piece points out, it's been 10 months since the news of Greg Mortenson's alleged fraud broke. I've written about this, here and here. It's a hard thing.

At the end of the day, it matters, and why and how matter. I don't think Greg Mortenson intentionally set out to get rich off of schools in Pakistan. If so, that's an entirely different matter, and downright criminal.

But. What he did was irresponsible, dangerous, and thus, completely inexcusable. He built an organization around his story- not the stories of people who's lives he was trying to change. I'm sure Mortenson thought no one knew the community he was working with (or his mission or his contacts, or whatever) as well as he did. All of us think that way, and Mortenson had more reason than most. But still....this is pride, pride at its worst. I can't think of a more dramatic example of how our sin can affect others. And it lives in us all.

Madeleine L'Engle wrote about this in A C…

It's worth saying again.

This is why I'm getting my doctorate: .

Incidentally, it's also why I support Planned Parenthood.

I've done a good bit of writing this semester in support of low-technology cervical cancer screening, and given the realities of the developing world, I don't know why more people aren't on board.

And I should say something snarky about Republican shenanigans related to women's health, but I'm too sad and angry to manage words anymore.

Bokashi compost and apartment gardening

We had a big day here in our little household today. It was time to empty our bokashi bucket! To backtrack quite a mother's people grow things. Her grandparents retired to a tiny farm in Colorado they deemed the Pea Patch, and hosted giant celebrations in their barn. My grandmother still lives there, and up til a couple years ago, she and my grandfather were still filling a freezer each winter with veggies from the garden. When my mom was in high school, she and her dad experimented growing chrysanthemums under fluorescent lights in the winter, and when my mother moved to Peru, she brought zinnia seeds. I can't not grow things- it's just in my blood somehow. Unfortunately, graduate school doesn't lend itself well to acquiring plots of land, and I'm limited to what I can fit on a porch. In addition to the gardening and tea drinking bugs I've inherited from my grandparents, I also can't stand to throw things out, particularly when I know they coul…

Saul Alinsky, Frances Butterfoss, and Advocacy for Christians, I

I never like to be too specific here...because the last thing I need is for a potential committee member or employer to stumble across my attempts to explain the universe, faith, sickness,hope, and change to myself. In this particular conversation, there are things I'm trying to leaving out, because they would make me too identifiable, and if these musings are a bit more scattered than usual, that's probably why.

I'm a Dr.P.H. student. In theory, a Dr.P.H. is different from a Ph.D. Bluntly put,a Dr.P.H. is not supposed to lead to jobs in academia. The accrediting agency for schools of public health has been tweaking the requirements for the two degrees, so that they're more different. Parts of these changes have resulted in a number of schools of public health (including mine) launching courses in public health advocacy, in order to better prepare Dr.P.H. graduates for community work.

Conversations about change, advocacy and leadership, in public health (at this unive…