Since last post I....

* Had a horrible reaction to 6MP, resulting in severe nausea + vomiting+fever for about a week. Obviously making it not a longterm option.
* Was honored to be a guest at the most lovely and love-filled wedding reception I've ever attended.
* Attended my ten-year high school reunion, and since then, have told my husband entirely too many stories about high school friends.
*Started Humira, and am hoping this will be my "miracle drug." I desperately want my regular life back, and would do almost anything for that.
* Keep finding myself increasingly frustrated at materials produced *for* Crohn's patients that do not include Crohn's patients as authors. Recently read a chapter in a book suggesting that patients find it "enjoyable" to be able to sit still for an afternoon and watch a couple DVDs while receiving  Remicade infusions....and Remicade infusions are a great opportunity to make friends or even meet a future spouse!
(Yes. This is that same unnamed book that says that canned salmon *with* the bones still in it is a great source of calcium, and once you run the bones through a food processor, you won't notice them at all). I understand the need to make the best of  bad situations -I'm the girl who drinks her ginger ale out of a champagne flute during colonoscopy preps. But this goes beyond "rose-colored glasses" into just plain clueless.
* Have continued working on that incomplete from my class. Should anyone out there lurking on the internet happen to be a Stata guru, please get in touch with me. It seems that I'm really not a numbers person (Although, it seems strange and potentially untrue to say that after two graduate-level statistics classes). I do infinitely prefer working with data I've collected myself, preferably with instruments I've designed myself. But then, doesn't everyone?
*Read this book . Hurray for finally finding a resource for homeopathic approaches to Crohn's that doesn't trash-talk modern medicine!
* Have acquired all necessities for dying my hair purple.


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