Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm sitting at my desk, hands clenched around a mug of rooibos tea, trying desperately to make my heart stop racing. One month from today I'll be in the middle of my doctoral qualifying exam, and right now I really want to strangle Pierre Bourdieu. I'd rather do anything than study....and, after trying to work out how to pay for next semester's tuition, I'm inclined to run away screaming.
I won't.
I'll take a deep breath, brew another cup of tea, and brace myself.

Because the green paint on my office wall is the same color as the shirt I'm wearing today...because the paper lanterns from my wedding are dangling overhead....because the woman who's the closest thing I've got  to a parent is just a few doors down the hall, and she believes in me....because my officemate is working on her dissertation a few feet away, proof that this can be conquered.
This too shall pass. And I will breathe, and write about social capital.

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