Monday, April 9, 2012

Another home project: The beaded lampshade

When I moved to my first apartment after college, I didn't have a lot of stuff. My priest at the time decided to send out a call to parishioners who had old furniture they were willing to pass on. One of those pieces is a large green and blue striped lamp that I absolutely adore. In the course of moving to my present apartment, the lampshade got demolished.

Unfortunately, because this lamp is probably older than I am, finding an appropriate new lampshade was easier said than done.


This was what we picked out at Lowes, as a starting point. The next step was to make many beaded tassels.


Here's a closer view. These are pretty basic- 24 gauge wire, threaded through sz 11/0 seed beeds, with a bicone bead at the end.


Then, I stitched the tassels to the lampshade, and hot glued some ribbon in place.Note: I've always used a low-temp hot glue gun because I'm clumsy, and don't want to burn my fingers off. However, I've been getting frustrated with how quickly the glue cools, so I'm realizing it may be time to switch to a high temperature glue gun.

And ta-da! Custom lampshade
. 010

It's a long way from own mediocre craft skills definitely show up here, as does my lazy measuring. But it's mine, and I love it, and I'm finding it  a helpful  lesson in wabi-sabi. As human beings, we have the ability to choose and create our own habitats- probably more so than any other species. But we're often careless with this gift, choosing to stuff our homes with mass produced Chinese factory goods from Target or Ikea. So here I am, in my small way, choosing to make my space my own.

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